To truly understand and enjoy our wines we must know a little about its origin the region where it is planted and grown and a special way in which they are produced. We rely on a microclimate that is exclusive to the region which is rich Atlantic and very benign. The grapes are all grown on slopes at a level of inclination. The formation of steps or “terraces is the method used to grow the grapes in this region. The two varietal: of grapes used are the Menecia grape for the red wine and the Godello grape for our precious white wines The whole process of growing and extracting the grape is done exclusively by hand, making the production of our wines small but unique.

From the Roman Empire we have learned to farm the grapes on the step method originated by the Romans over 2000 years ago. The Romans farmed the region of Galiciain Spain and would return to Caesar the precious wine produced in the region. Our wines tend to be very fruity and aromatic with a long distance flavor an excellent structure that make our wines enjoyable to the palate.

The grapes are picked in the Vineyard after a tedious selection process and are sent to the winery. After arrival in the winery the grapes go through another selection process from best to worst and assorted to replace in the peeling machine that removes the skin from the grape. The Machine processes the selected grapes and removes any woodiness or impurities of the grapes. The peeled grapes are sent to the stainless steel containers to sit and draw out the aroma and taste of the wine. This process usually takes 2 to 3 days. After this process the alcohol and fermentation process is initiated at temperatures of 23 and 26 degrees Celsius for an estimated 10 days to release the best color of the grapes.

Immediately after the 10 day process the clean wine is removed and is laid to rest. There is a clarification process done with egg whites. The best wine from the fine grapes a re implement by the highest standards and parameters. The finest juice is placed in French oak casks barrel an are aged for 10 months. After this process there is another selection of the finest wine that are transferred into older casks for three more months. After the 3 months period the wine is finally bottled where they wait 6 months before making it to market place. Our wines are very subtle with hints of woodiness, roasted notes that remind us of caramel toffee with a very simple but exquisite taste that comes from its fruitiness. The rest of the harvest is usually bottled in the month of July and is warehoused for 13 months creating our Joven (young wine).


Para entender este vino se necesita saber un poco de donde viene y la forma en la que se produce (ver abajo enlaces de videos).