The Winery

Denomination of Origen: Ribeira Sacra
Year of re-fundation: 1992
Privately owned vineyard: 25 Acres
Controlled area: 13 Acres
Type of grapes: 15 Acres of Mencia, 1 ½ Acres of Tempranillo, 2 ½ Acres of Godello
Nunmber of French Oak Casks Barrels: 60

The Winery is located in Sta. Cruz de Brosmos-Sober (Lugo) – Spain in a historic rock structure.

During the decades of the 50th when nobody was wagering in the regions of Amandi especially on the winerys with a slop of 75%, many wine makers left their winery’s and vineyards abandoned. Mr. Bernardino Rodriguez continued the family traditions and tended to his vineyards, which he had inherited from his father and which his father had inherited
from his father.

With a very promising view of the future Bernardino’s son, Emilio Rodriguez, has continued his family tradition by taking charge of his families vineyard. Emilio has taken the task of creating very traditional wines that continue on the great heritage of wine making.

Emilio Rodriguez has taken te quality and production of the winery to the next level.Since Don Emilio took charge of the vineyard he has been able to expand production by purchasing land to extend the area of farming to grow the Mencia grape, which is the common varietal grape used and grown in the region of the Rebeira Sacra. Emilio’s entrepreneurial has acilitated the winer y to grow to levels that were previously unimaginable. Presently the winery is able to produce 70,000 bottles of superior wine a year.

Thanks to Bernardino and Emilio Rodriguez with their passion of wine making and their artisanal form of wine elaboration they have made the winery a most valuable denomination of origin stemming from a small family business. In the year 1997 we elaborated our first Mencia wine by aging it is old French Oak Casks Barrels.

We presently produced and sell this wine, which we consider the crown jewels of the winery. Since the beginning, we dedicated ourselves into making great quality wine; due to the immense amount of work in our vineyards and reflecting in our commitment of producing a superior quality wine. Our wines are very personal, with great aromatic intensity, highlighting the red fruits from the forrest.

A very elegant and harmonious taste is left on ones palette with just the right amount of jovial acidity to make the taste superior.